Originally established in Hong Kong, ARCHITECH is now based in Inverness, Scotland. The company have over 22 years’ experience in the production of photomontage visualisations for planning and particular experience in the visualisation of tall structures.


The company was the first in the Far East to develop accurate photomontage specifically for planning applications which rapidly became a mandatory part of the Hong Kong planning process.  Since then the company have produced over 1,000 photomontages for planning applications worldwide ranging from the two tallest buildings in Hong Kong to small scale housing in sensitive rural locations.


ARCHITECH are known for accuracy, realism and work with a high quality finish.



Wind Energy Visualisation


Over the last twelve years, ARCHITECH have become leading specialists in the visualisation of wind energy proposals across the UK as a natural progression of their experience in tall structures.  The company have undertaken detailed research into this specialised field including post-construction photographic studies, academic studies, the empirical testing of viewing methodologies, computer analysis and assessment of visual submissions and consultation with leading world experts in the field of cognitive science.


The verification and validity of photomontage visualisations submitted for planning involving the public consultation process has been an important focus of ARCHITECH’s research and underpins all aspects of our output.


In 2011, the company was appointed as digital visualisation consultants to The Highland Council to advise on the future development of their Standards, undertake further research and to provide analysis, assessments and photomontage visualisations.


The range of services we provide is shown in our gallery and is tailored to the individual requirements of each project. We undertake all our own project photography using professional camera equipment and our company works from first principles with a wide variety of professional software.


Alan Macdonald, the Managing Director of ARCHITECH is also the author of ‘Windfarm Visualisation – Perspective or Perception?' published in 2012.






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